About - Kelly Coleman Photography

Hi! I'm Kelly Coleman, co-founder and Senior Consultant for PeeKdesigns, an environmental education and design consultancy based in East Gippsland, Victoria.

I have been an avid photographer all my life, taking photos of nature in all its shapes and forms. I started using my parents old 35mm Canon when I was a kid, then inherited my grandfather's black and white photographic equipment and turned my parents caravan into a darkroom for many years.Since those early days, I still use a Canon but prefer to do my processing in Lightroom (rather than a make-shift darkroom).

My love of photography has stemmed from a desire to record animal behaviours, stages of plant growth and the beauty that is the Australian landscape. From this, I use my photos in the development of education resources and have been doing so for over 18 years.

My passion is also to photograph the unique shapes, patterns and colours found in nature, wildlife and Australian flora, as well as old, weathered timber and metal that show off the history of an item. Additionally, my photography includes recording gallery exhibitions, workshops and Indigenous cultural presentations and, through my work and experiences with Indigenous groups, I am very respectful of the participating individuals and their customs.

The projects we work on at PeeKdesigns can include my photographic skills to tell the story about a local site, species or ecosystem. If you're interested, please contact me, or better yet you can check out the work we do at PeeKdesigns:


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